My Services

Our elite girls offer sessions from the arousing to the outrageous – Tie and Tease through to Tranny Torture and BDSM, broadened Sissy Maid or slave preparing through to brief Cross dressing and Domination experiences. The most of the exercises they share in are exercises that I appreciate. Our obsessions are so expansive extending that we would never potentially list everything that we are 'in to' as it changes with every individual that Goa Independent Escorts and shifts colossally from everyday.

That being stated, do particularly appreciate dressing men up as ladies and compelling them to do underhanded things and they additionally especially appreciate 'stiring' the faculties of develop and observing refined men through tie and bother. Our girls generally regard yet test your points of confinement and it isn't necessary to be truly into BDSM or cross dressing to see them. You may just truly be into becoming more acquainted with Me and wish to make a long haul interest companion.

It would be ideal if you know that even as they become more acquainted with each other, you will dependably need to tribute them for the time W/we spend together. They don't require any non paying house slaves or servants right now. It would be ideal if you think about that they don't for the most part observe more than one individual for each day thus they don't have perpetual accessibility for new fellowships. They acknowledge sensible and thoroughly considered applications from the individuals who really trust W/we would get along.

Here are a couple of things that get us going now and again…

This rundown is in no way, shape or form authoritative – if your dream or depravity isn't recorded – don't dither to call us on 09967541580 to check whether we provide cater for your contorted tastes…

You can get floowing services with us:

  • Body Massage
  • Sensual Massage
  • Tantric Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Body to Body
  • Prostate Massage
  • Veenu

    Sexy Girl

    Hi, my name is Veenu, I’m 21 yrs old and am a charming, fun loving, adventurous and outgoing girl. I like to meet new people and see new places. I like shopping a lot and also like trying different varieties in food.

  • Natasha

    Sexy Girl

    Hi, I’m Natasha, I’m 24 yrs old and am a quiet girl. I don’t like to talk too much but I like going out with people whom I feel comfortable with. I like dancing and singing and making new friends.

  • Elina

    Sexy Girl

    Hi, I’m Elina, I’m 22 yrs old and am quite active but I don’t like to open up easily. I like making friends, going out with them. I like hanging out in big groups in which I’m comfortable.

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